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39 Bellegrass Blvd. Hattiesburg, MS 39402

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Redefine Your Community

At Bellegrass, we emphasize family-centered, active living and neighborly interaction. We aren’t a mere community of people housed in seclusion; our homeowners take part in their neighbors’ lives here. Community is the lifeblood of Bellegrass, where neighbors aren’t shy to lend a helping hand or a friendly hello.

We harken to time when homes defined streets. The street you lived on silently told the story of your block. That same block added to what you proudly called your neighborhood.

Bellegrass is the essence of what neighborhoods used to be. As you join us here, you’ll get to know each and every face.

Featured Amenities 

Party Pavilion
Tennis Courts
Basketball Courts
Baseball Field
Soccer Field
Volleyball Court

Parks & Paths

Our community is designed with the outdoors in mind. Throughout Bellegrass, sidewalks naturally crisscross, leading to parks and squares. We encourage social interaction in this way, and we don’t mean the digital avenue. From small, private patches of shade, to open fields perfectly suited for family picnics, Bellegrass helps remind us to unplug and connect with one another.